Mixed Media Wreaths – stained glass and chain/scale maille

I am delighted to finally offer the first of hopefully numerous mixed media projects where I combine stained glass with chain maille and scale maille!

scale maille flowersA little background… Every summer I spend a week in Maine at a fantastic place called ‘Camp’ Camp. It’s a camp for LGBT adults, and I’ve been going since 2008. I actually teach stained glass while there. Happily, I also get to enjoy other offerings during the week. For the last few years, I’ve taken chain maille classes from my friend, Jason. He’s passionate and patient and has created a lot of new maillers as a result of his excellent class. It was not long after returning home the first year I got to try it out that I started digging into that form more deeply, discovering far more than the word of jewelry and other wearables (though I have been making a lot of bracelets and other things to practice). Wheels started turning about how I could combine glass and maille, to make some new and hopefully exciting, enticing things.

Last week, I pulled up some photos I had taken of leaves a few years ago when walking around Lake Waban at Wellesley College, and created a wreath pattern to make in glass. Meanwhile, I received some supplies and the flower tutorial from The Ring Lord for ways to fill that wreath. Then it was just a matter of making both elements, and making them work together.

Stained glass wreath scale maille flowerJust in time for Mother’s Day, or even just to have something new and different in your window, I am delighted to release this line of flowers that will never wilt, never need watering!

There are two sizes available, at about 7″ wide ($45 each, plus shipping) and about 5″ wide ($35 each, plus shipping). Specific details are included with each photo. Each flower right now is different, and I utilized a variety of different green and clear glass options to make the wreaths for each one. The only way to know how they will each look is to make them! Clear glue chip already offers a really cool natural look, with the appearance of leaves, twigs, etc ’embedded’ in the glass. And Pilkington makes a clear glass called Autumn that has the texture and shape of leaves in it. I really like how it looks on the larger wreath. Clear glue chip works great for both sizes of wreaths.

Please enjoy the photos below, visit the Etsy shop if you’d like to put one of these in YOUR window (or your mom’s!) and let me know what you think. I will be happy to customize flowers and glass for future versions of these, if people have specific desires along those lines. Thanks!

Stained Glass Single Tulip Suncatchers

Switching from fauna to flora for this one. My friend, Jen, is an amazing woman with a remarkable new local business called the Elf Shelf. She makes custom gift basket arrangements, and delivers them with her son, Nick, a terrific young man with numerous disabilities and also the most amazing ability to make anyone smile. Jen loves tulips, and she’s just inspiring with how she brings so much energy to everything she does, so I decided to make her a stained glass tulip.

Single red tulip bulb in stained glassI just wanted to do something very simple since I wasn’t sure what sort of window space she would have for a piece. I found a pattern on line with several tulips, and I downloaded that, making some edits and adjustments to create a single tulip bulb with a couple of leaves. Used red waterglass for the tulip itself, black patina on the seams, and it turned out nicely. Luckily, Jen loved it!

Large tulip, using all wispy glass.The more I looked at the tulip, though, the more I realized that, to me,  a tulip has a longer, more tapered body. So off I went to find a good photo of a single tulip bulb, and then work that into a pattern. I still wanted to keep the finished pieces fairly simple and wound up doing two sizes, to see what would work best. And because I don’t do anything without going whole hog, I made three samples in each size, with red, yellow and purple glass for the flowers, and various greens for the leaves. There’s a gallery of stained glass flowers works in progress now, as well, if you would like to see what I made.

What do you think? Different colors, different sizes? I think I am partial to the one with purple waterglass. What flowers should I try next?

Large tulip, using a purple swirl waterglass for the bulb.