The top gallery contains most of the pieces I have made over time. Below, I’ll periodically add Works In Progress (WIP) albums as I develop and play with new patterns, and representative finished pieces will always also be added to the All Works album.

All Works

An ongoing, frequently updated gallery of just about all of the pieces I have made. New pieces will be added often so please check back.

Mixed Media - wreath and flower

My first mixed media project combining stained glass (wreath of leaves, my own pattern) and chain maille/scale maille flowers. Pattern and supplies for the flowers from The Ring Lord. The finished pieces are available in two sizes.

Stained Glass Stirrups series - horses, shoes, and more

This series utilizes English iron stirrups as frames and bases for stained glass pieces. Those pieces include horse heads, horse shoes, the combination of the two, a small panel, or a pair of boots.

Stained Glass Sailboats

Created in June 2015, I present two sailboat patterns representing different sails. The color possibilities are infinite! And perhaps one day, I will add other sail possibilities.

Stained Glass Hearts

Created in January 2015, a selection of unique, original patterns and sample pieces of stained glass hearts.

Stained Glass Guitar and Banjo Suncatchers

Adorned with wire words and embellishments. What would you like to see on one? This gallery will grow as I do more pieces with different words. Some early looks at their construction are at the end.

Tardis night lights and suncatchers

Using my own custom patterns based on Doctor Who's Tardis, I offer these suncatchers and night lights.

Striped Fish

Based on a unique pattern drawn for me by a friend. These fish can be made in just about any color combination. Enjoy!


My adapted pattern - custom color requests are welcome!

Works in Progress: Ornaments

Developing and making a variety of ornament size pieces.

Works in Progress: Flowers

From photo/drawing to pattern to finished pieces. This is where I will document flowers as I get them developed. First off: single bud tulip suncatchers.

Works in Progress: Birds

A works in progress report as I develop a repertoire for stained glass birds. From photo to pattern to finished pieces! So far, I have hummingbirds, with more to come!