Shattered Glass Ceiling Pin

Shattered Glass Ceiling Pin

Please note: these shattered glass ceiling pins are very popular! I am accepting orders via email and will add you to the list. Please feel free to contact me with questions or an order, but I ask your patience as the turn around is a few weeks. I am making them as fast as I can to keep the wait as minimal as possible. For more about the story of the pins, keep reading below. Thank you!

My latest glass offering represents a foray into a new direction for me: jewelry. I don’t think this aspect will grow much from this piece, but that’s ok because it stands alone as it is. In the United States, we are witnessing history here in 2016 with the first woman’s having been nominated for president for a major political party. Hillary Clinton is on the verge of shattering one of the last glass ceilings remaining. As significant as Hillary’s accomplishments are, they are a result of centuries of work by many women before her, helping to forge the paths, change the world, and all of that heady stuff. This new pin is inspired by all of them, including Madeleine K. Albright, who is known for (among many other things) sporting a variety of message pins. I am proud to share an alma mater with Clinton and Albright (Wellesley College), and pleased to offer my own interpretation of the shattered glass ceiling in a wearable pin.

Every pin is unique. There is a blueprint for each, of 5 pieces of glass consisting of one piece in a solid color (to hide the pin) and 4 pieces of clear with varying surface textures. Each individual piece of glass is hand cut, and ground to make the sharp edges dull and safe to handle. They are held together with the strongest jewelry glue. I’ve made pins with almost every possible color as the ‘backing’ piece. They are not yet on Etsy but hopefully will be soon. In the meantime, if you are interested, they are $25 each plus postage. I am keeping a list of orders and filling as fast as I can. If you would like to be added to the list, you can email me or do a Request Custom Order (or start a conversation) on Etsy. The colors I can do for the solid piece are comprehensive, pretty much anything except a metallic (gold or silver) and orange (still trying to find a solid orange glass that I like).

I’m incredibly grateful for the interest these shattered glass ceiling pins have generated already, with over 200 made as of the first of October. I will keep making them until there is no more interest! My thanks to every woman who is  and has been out there in every way to keep making the world a better place for everyone. Onward!

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  1. Amy,

    Great work.

    I am interested in two pins–One with the green and the other with a darker glass piece. But to be honest, I’ll be happy with whatever you send me. Let me know how to pay. Can send a check in advance.

  2. I would love a glass ceiling pin please! Is there a chance the background color can be Wellesley blue? Or something close to it? I’m Wellesley ’84 and proud of it! I met Madeleine at our 30th reunion and we talked about pins, since there was an exhibit of her pins. I’m a designer in an architectural office. Madeleine said she doesn’t have a lot of architectural pins. Our class was thinking of making her a Wellesley Tower pin as a gift. Is that something you could work on possibly? Please email me. 1) About the glass ceiling pin 2) About a Wellesley Tower pin. Thank you!

  3. Wellesley ’07. Would like to order two pins – a turquoise and blue backing, if possible. 🙂
    Thanks, Mallory

  4. Hi – I’d like to order a shattered glass pin with a blue background if available. Thank you!
    Please let me know how to beat get payment to you. Thank you!!


  5. Hi. How do I order a couple of these “glass ceiling” pins? I would love to order one for myself and one for my daughter.
    -Lisa Zaidi (Wellesley ’81)

  6. Amy,
    I would really like to buy two shattered glass ceiling pins from you. I shouldn’t have delayed. Any chance I can get them before the election?


  7. Amy: I would love a shattered-glass pin with a blue background, so please add me to what i’m guessing is a very long list. Let me know payment details. Congrats on all the great press, and best wishes. –Julie Kuglen, WW4H

  8. Hi Amy
    I’d like to order one of your beautiful shattered glass ceiling pins
    Thank you so much for letting me know how I can order one
    Thank you!
    Jennifer Bard ’83

  9. Hi! Are these still available? I’d love to order one for a friend who just made a great professional accomplishment! Thanks, Rachel (Wellesley ’03)

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