Shattered Glass Ceiling postcards

Shattered Glass Ceiling postcards are here!

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My first new project of 2017 is taking me in a slightly different direction. After the United States election result in November 2016, we are seeing a heightened level of civic engagement on every level and from every corner. It occurred to me that the concept of shattered glass and shattered glass ceilings can manifest in a variety of ways as we continue to work at removing all of those last barriers.

Shattered glass ceiling postcard - blue backgroundTo that end, I have decided to make postcards with shattered glass ceiling images that can be used to send notes to elected officials to make our feelings known.

Postcards are standard 4×6 size, with a matte backside for an easy writing surface, and a UV protected gloss coating on the front side image. I am offering four cards, and photos of them are here in this post – blue background, purple background, pink background, and black and white. Due to my own error, the purple cards do NOT have the UV coating on the front in the first printing. The back of all of the cards is a bit more slick than expected, but ball point pen works just fine on them. Gel ink smears even after a fair amount of drying time.

Depending on how these go, I may expand to add a rainbow background, and other single colors.

Shattered glass ceiling postcard - black and whitePlease use the PayPal button below to place an order going to a location in the United States, or visit my Etsy shop to order there. I’ve limited the quantity offerings here but if you would like a different quantity from what is listed, please contact me directly. Please specify in the order what color(s) you would like. Postage/handling is included with the prices by quantity below. Thank you!

Available: pink, blue, purple, black and white, or a combination of your choosing.


Pricing below includes postage/handling in the United States
What color(s) for the cards?

If you are outside of the United States and want cards, we can do that case by case so I can get a more accurate postage amount for your location. Thank you!


Shattered glass ceiling postcard - purple background pink shattered glass ceiling postcards


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